Who we are:

My name is Hugo Verschoor: born and raised in the Netherlands.
At the end of the last century we have, after years of traveling with the tent and later a camper on holiday to France, bought a holiday home in the Morvan, in the heart of Burgundy.
A house in a small hamlet near Lormes. A wonderful place to spend the holidays; but at the end of the holidays it became increasingly difficult to "return" to the Netherlands.
In 2013, we also made the decision to permanently establish ourselves in France. The undersigned worked in the first years at a large publisher of children's books in the Netherlands. My partner was welcomed with open arms in Burgundy, because Dutch medical staff is very welcome in the Morvan.
A new challenge presented itself to me as a real estate agent. Particularly in France, a profession in which there is a lot of chaff among the choirs in this profession. After the compulsory training and practical experience, mouth-to-mouth advertising is now starting to do its job and the requests for houses in the sale are taking over.
More and more Dutch but also French customers have confidence in the other interpretation that we give to the brokerage profession.
Where some houses at French brokers are for sale for years and the sellers finally come to us, we know by a correct pricing, a professional presentation and a strong marketing effort, often within a short time to find a buyer.
But when buying or selling a house you will have to deal with the French official mills; notaries, utilities, bank, insurance, etc. France is a wonderful country and French a wonderful language, but even for those who have a reasonable command of the language, often a maze of bureaucracy.
With this, as well as with finding a reliable contractor, plumber or electrician, we can help you so that you can celebrate your holiday and enjoy your holiday.
We can also use our services for people who want to establish themselves permanently in Burgundy.
You can make an appointment without obligation for both the sale of your house, a search, guidance in the settlement of the sale or purchase of a house.
Even if the house of your dreams has been found with another broker, we can help you with, for example, a purchase inspection or the further settlement of the purchase.
All this at a price to be agreed in advance or at an hourly rate, just what you want.
Cabinet Verschoor is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Nevers and we work exclusively on invoice.