The Morvan

The history of the Morvan leads back to the time of domination by the Romans.
A small Celtic tribe in the south of the Morvan, living on the mountain Bibracte, saw for a long time the opportunity to oppose domination.
The Asterix and Obelix comic strips are based on the resistance of Vercingetorix and those against the Romans.
The museum and the excavations are absolutely worth a visit and also fun and educational for children.
The Morvan has always been a poor region. The reason for this is that there is little growth on the nutrient-poor granite soil and arable farming and animal husbandry were not available on a large scale during the time that there was no artificial fertilizer.
Forestry and the transport of the firewood via the rivers to Paris was the largest source of income for the men and the women often rented themselves out as "minus" so that the luxuries of Parisian noble ladies did not have to ruin their figure by nursing a baby .
In the last century the region remained underdeveloped and many younger residents left for the big cities because there were few or no jobs in the Morvan.
In the Second World War, the Morvan lay on the dividing line between occupied France and free France.
The resistance against the Germans was great and there are also many monuments for killed maquis.
Due to the disappearance of the population, the houses were also empty and due to lack of maintenance, many houses fell prey to the decline.
Fortunately, many Frenchmen returned to their steps and the houses of their parents and ancestors were restored and foreigners also saw their chance to buy a refurbished building for relatively little money.
The walls of houses built with granite are one meter thick and together with the oak beams, even after decades of vacancy, they can easily be brought back to the old situation.
Many houses are now or not tastefully refurbished but occasionally there is a dilapidated gem than is eager to be lovingly restored.
Houses have something for everyone, from a refurbishment for € 30,000 to a beautifully restored building for 3 tons, and everything in between.
A farm "at the end of the world" or an old station on the edge of a small sleepy village, for every taste and fair there is something to find.
Cabinet Verschoor is happy to help you find your dream home. The prices in the Morvan are still attractive and the peace, space and nature are still overwhelming.