Apart from the brokerage, we also provide a large number of services and, thanks to our years of experience, we can also refer you to specialists who have earned their spurs and who have proven to be reliable and deliver quality.
What we can do for you:
1st If you need help with the settlement after the purchase of your home. We have a notary who works quickly, and if you wish, we will go through the French texts with you before signing the contract. If you wish we are present at the transfer. Both buyers and sellers can issue an authorization if they can not be present at the transfer.
2nd We can arrange a mortgage for you through our bank relationship with the BNP. Obviously if the financial resources are sufficient. For the purchase of a house in France about 30% own money is needed.
3rd We can take care of the connection of electricity, water and telephone / internet.
3rd As well as the compulsory home insurance. In France there is also a third party insurance policy with the home insurance.
4th If someone needs to be present at the inspection of the fosse septique or the compulsory inspection (DPE), we can take this off your hands.
5th If you have bought a house and want to have it remodeled, we can often help you find the right contractor or specialist. Because you often can not be present during the work, it is useful to have someone who regularly checks the progress of the work and reports to you. For this we refer you to expert people, with years of experience in construction.
6th Sometimes a permit is required for the renovations; here too we can help you so that you do not get entangled in the French bureaucracy.
7th Do you want to permanently settle in France and, for example, import your car or register with the Chamber of Commerce, or certify your diplomas? With most things we can be of service to you and otherwise we refer you to the expert in this area.
8th Garden and pool maintenance, key management, cleaning after rental etc. etc. we have a database full of addresses.
Of course there will be something missing in this list; do not hesitate to ask questions.
The activities are carried out by Hugo Verschoor (Dutch-French-German and English).