Sell ​​your house in Burgundy

If you have a house in the Nièvre or the Yonne and you want to sell, you will have to deal with the maze of French real estate.

The French brokerage works like many things in France, chaotic, pricey and often with little result.

The Dutch are accustomed to giving their home to one broker for sale. In France you can give your house to several brokers for sale. Many sellers think that this also offers more chance to find a buyer, but nothing is less true.

Almost all French brokers limit themselves to hanging an A4 with a photo and a short description in their shop window and an advertisement on one of the many sales sites.

Imagine giving your home at three brokers in the sale. These three brokers will then make little effort, because in the end the chance that they sell your house is 33%. That is why they make little marketing effort and costs and automatically reduce the sales opportunities.

With us, however, you will get value for your money. We work together with a large broker organization with a database of thousands of potential customers.

There is also advertised with a photo of your house in magazines such as Maison en France and En Route.

Particular attention is paid to a good photo report and if desired, photos are taken with a drone.

The first impression is often decisive if the customer wants to view a home.

In consultation with the seller, a realistic asking price is determined; many sellers follow the reasoning that a too high asking price is a good starting point, with the following arguments: we are not in a hurry or: we can always adjust the price.

Yes, that is possible, but adjusting a price with, for example, € 5,000 is pointless. After all, the potential buyer who wanted to pay € 5,000 less for your house had already made an offer.

It is no exception that the price of houses that have been on sale for some time can sometimes be reduced by up to 30% in order to generate viewings.

If you have made the decision to sell your house, it is nice if this actually happens within a reasonable time frame.

Do not be fooled by brokers who promise you golden mountains; there were many who were disillusioned to us because their house has been for sale for years.

If you want us to put your house on sale, then a valuation is completely free of obligation. If you want a valuation for other reasons, then costs are involved.